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In 2000, 2 young dynamin designer decided to a company with a mission to provide professional interior design concepts for commercial and residential clients.

Throuhghout these years Cats Interior Design Co. Ltd has become a recognized driving force in the design domain throuht extensive acquired not only in design innovation, also in marketing and project management.

Cats Interior Design was a company which provides professional for interior design service, with the principle to combine practicality with creativity. In other words, aside from a glamorous environment, we would like to provide one that satisfies the practical needs of clients. Having considered the life style of each individual client, we will utilize our experience and concepts of design to create the most suitable and comfortable home for them.

We endeavour to take heed of every detail so as to provide tailor-made interior design service for every individual client.

  • 地址 香港北角七姊妹英皇道651號科匯中心2605室

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